Business of Bangles

Business of Bangles


Bangle demand will never end. Bangles are used by women, girls, teens and kids all across in our country. This bangles play as one important and must-have make-up item of the women. They decorate their hands more on occasion like festivals, social gatherings like weddings, and parties. Women cannot image herself without bangles to their hands. These bangles play very important role in the life of every Indian woman.

Profit in this Business

Since these bangles are very important make-up item for women, demand for these bangles can never come down. This proves that one who invests money in bangle business with proper business plan can never face loss.

Deals in

There are several types of bangles available in the market but we deals in only Metal Bangles. i.e. Aluminium and Brass Bangles.

Retail or Wholesale Business

Well it's depend on up to you. Wholesale business requires a little bit more investment compare to Retail business. Also require markets where you can sell your products. Both business are profitable but Retail business run in own speed according to festivals and wholesale business is depend on contacts & credit. Plus A person who wishes to start bangle business should understand its demand and what kind bangles are liked mostly by woman in their culture or city and what are the least selling bangle.

Design, Quality, Qnty & Price

By Designs: one should come up with unique designs to survive in the market because women look for more and more designs every time she hit the market to purchase bangles. If you sell routine and outdated designs then chances are more that you will end up with huge loss. So keep changing your product portfolio.

By Quality: Sometime we want quality products. You can keep high quality bangles for in low qnty. Because High Quality means - High in Designs. More Elegant.

By Qnty: Keep regular running bangles choice in qnty according to season and demand. In festival season you must have stock. If you're doing wholesale business then you must have a large qnty in your stock.

By Price: This is very crucial part. Add you margin according to your investment + your profit. Too expensive product will kill your business. Less price means long lasting business module.

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