Firdos Tiranga - Metal Bangle (4 Set's Box)

Firdos Tiranga - Metal Bangle (4 Set's Box)

  •   /Set   [Min Order 6 Box]

  • Brand: Fashion Art
  • Product Code: FIRDOSTRNGA
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This product has a minimum box quantity of: 6

Firdos Tiranga - Metal Bangle Set (MS)

Available in Sizes (in Inches):  2.6 + 2.8

(*MS-Medium Size)

Colour(s): Tri Colour

Material: Aluminium

Bangles in Each Set: 24-pcs

Sets in Single Box: 4-Sets (2xSet of 2.6, 2xSet of 2.8)

Box Weight (Approx): 500gm

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 6 Box

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